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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My new favorite spot to is the Sephora in the Time Warner building. When it's 100 degrees outside like it's been the past week it's nice and cool and relaxed at Sephora. It's not packed and messy like some others in the city. The staff is also friendly and helpful but not pushy and aggressive. I stayed for almost 3 hours playing with all kinds of goodies and I wasn't bothered or bombarded by sales people trying to spay me with perfume like at the department store.

I found some great new beauty picks for the week some bargains and some splurges. The first one is definitely a splurge priced at $60 for a foundation but I fell in love with AirFlash Foundation by Dior. It really does gives amazing coverage without looking heavy. I especially liked it on my legs. I had a small bruise from bumping into my credenza and it went on like liquid stockings. I used a sponge when I applied it to my face but sprayed it directly on my legs and then buffed it out a little with the sponge.

The next find is definitely a bargain. The Makeup Forever HD Complexion Travel Kit for only $29 is the bargain of the week. I have been using loose Blot Powder by Mac forever as my goto powder for shine and I've recently been in love with Nars Primer but the HD Micorfinish Powder by Makeup Forever tops both! This powder is truly AMAZING! It was especially created for High Definition cameras (which can see 6x sharper than the human eye making imperfections almost magnified) but works great in real life too. I have very sensitive dry skin but get very shiny in the summer. I'm always looking for something that will take away shine without looking heavy and let my skin breath and show through. I'm also always looking for something for photo shoots and my private clients like brides to keep makeup in place and look good on camera. I'm sorry to say although it's been a long romance with Mac Blot Powder but this week I'm getting a divorce. I used the HD Microfinish Pwder for myself as well as for a shoot and it's amazing. It's talc free and made wih mineral silica which is absorbent but doesn't dry the skin like talc. It gives the skin a smooth airbrushed quality while keeping the radiance. The real bargain is that the HD Complexion Kit not only comes with the powder(priced at $30 on it's own) but with the primer and the serum. The serum is like nothing I've used before. It actually boosts the moisture levels of the skin by 520% in fifteen minutes. The serum combined with the primer helps foundation to glide on like silk and can be used alone with the powder for a smooth glowing complexion but without the greasy shine!

My final pick of the week is Illumifill Line Filling Lumizer from Fusion Beauty priced at $49. This product claims to improve the appearance of fine lines in 28 days. I don't know if I buy that but what it does do is give an instant tightening effect around the eyes and took away my dark circles from staying up late the night before and made a great base for concealer. Is it worth the $49 I'll have to let you know in 28 days.

Stay tuned for Fall Makeup Trends

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