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Thursday, December 30, 2010


I don't know about you but this is my least favorite time of year! This snow storm has definitely kicked in the Winter blues. If you are feeling sluggish, depressed and bloated after all the holiday over indulgence now is the perfect time to start a Winter regime. I have put together some of my favorite ways to beat the blues.

1. Cleanse-Now is the perfect time for a cleanse after an indulging in holiday eating. Sugar and carbs can actually cause depression by slowing the body down. This time of year our desire to sleep and eat more is increased which can cause weight gain and lack of motivation. I like to start my Winter regime with a cleanse. The Master Cleanse is a great easy way to jump start the metabolism and get back on track with a healthy diet after the holidays. http://themastercleanse.org

2.90 Day Challenge-The next step after the cleanse is to create a diet plan that includes lots of organic fruits and vegetables, lean protein like organic poultry, fish and tofu and complex. It is especially good to make fresh squeezed vegetable and fruit juices which will boost mood and metabolism. I like to start a 90 day challenge in January so I'm ready for Spring.

3. Vitamin Supplements-This time of year because of the lack of sunlight we can be deficient in Vitamin D which can increase depression. It is important to get plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids as well. It is recommended to take 1000-4000 IU of Vitamin D as well as an Omega 3 supplement and eat plenty of salmon which is naturally high in Omega 3.

4.5HTP- This supplement is a natural amino acid that boosts serotonin which helps with depression.It can also help with insomnia and weight loss. It can be purchased over the counter and has very little side effects.

5.Warm Baths-This is one of my favorite ways to deal with the cold weather. A nice bathe helps with muscle tension and aches and pains brought on by the cold. I love to use natural bath salts from Wholefoods. I love to mix lavender with a little bit of eucalyptus.

6.Light Therapy- The most important way to relieve the blues is to get as much light as possible. The days get shorter and the dark can make us lazy and tired. I have found using a light box really helps. I purchased one from Amazon.com for $89.98 from Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus.

7.Massage-This is another one of my favorite ways to unwind and relax. Massage relieves tension and stress and muscle aches from the cold and helps improve circulation and improves mood. I'm very luck to have my amazing sister who is an excellent massage therapist. Stay tuned for more on the Body and Soul Massage website!

8.Melatonin-This is another natural supplement that can help regulate sleep cycles which can also help regulate mood and depression. I like to take it at night before bed for a restful sleep.

9.Stay Active+Social- Now is more challenging than ever to not want to just stay inside and isolate. I combat this urge by going to hot yoga. It's a great place to meet people and feel connected. It's also a great way to stay active and to stay warm and cozy.

10. Treat Yourself-I like to treat myself to something special at least once a week like a manicure/pedicure or a Sex in the City day with the girls, or just taking some quality alone time to meditate or listen to music


Thursday, December 23, 2010


In my opinion it's all about lasers. Now with more and more advances in the skin care industry lasers can correct the mistakes of our teens and 20's and give us a new youthful look without having to go under the knife. Syneron has a variety of laser treatments that can erase the years away.

FotoFacial RF- this technology is different from other skin rejuvenation procedures in that is uses two types of energy. It utilizes both Intense Pulse Light of IPL and Radio Frequency. This allows the laser to treat brown spots, broken blood vessels, spider veins, sun damage, uneven skin tone and even treats rosacea. The Radio Frequency also stimulates collagen production helping to reduce fine lines and tighten pores giving the skin a smoother younger look.

ReFirme Skin Tightening- this is the latest FDA approved non-surgical procedure to actually tighten skin and soften lines and wrinkles. It's like a mini face-lift without the down-time. It uses Bipolar Radio Frequency and Infared Light which produces little discomfort and amazing results!

Syneron also has two Medical Physician administered lasers as well which I will have the pleasure of observing and learning about from the amazing team of doctors at Tranquil Escape Medical Spa.

Stay Tuned for the Matrix and the Triniti Laser Treatment

Saturday, December 11, 2010

" The Doc"

I wanted to talk about one of New Jersey's best plastic surgeons. Dr. Michael Nagy. Dr Nagy is a certified Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He has a bachelors degree in Biology that he received on a four year academic scholarship at the University of Scranton and graduated Summa Cum Laude.He earned his Doctorate of Medicine from University of Cincinnati's College of Medicine. He completed a one-year fellowship with world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. John McCraw. He now specializes in Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Body Contouring with Vaser Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Face lift and Fillers.

For more information visit www.drnagy.com


Skinceuticals helped to pioneer the advent of cosmeceuticals on the market in 1997 with the first topical vitamin c formulation. over the past 14 years has provided skin care solutions to dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medical spas in the U.S. and over 35 countries. Skinceuticals has been featured in the media on The Today Show, Fox News and in top fashion and beauty magazines like Vogue, Allure, New Beauty and Health just to name a few.

Now, a sneak peak into the product line. I have my top picks: Pholoretin CF, CE Ferulic, Hydrating B5 Gel and Epidermal Repair a

Phloretin CF-This 5 star rated and winner of Allure's Editor's Choice Award is amazing! It is not only a powerful antioxidant but protects from reactive molecules known to cause DNA mutations. So not only does it help hyperpigmentation but loss of elasticity, redness, uneven skin tone and can help prevent skin cancer!

CE Ferulic-This is also 5 star rated and an Allure award winner. This antioxidant formula is great for dry and sensitive skin and is excellent for photodamaged skin; it reduces sunburn cells by 96 percent!

Vitamin B5 Gel- This is amazing for both oily, dry and sensitive skin and is an amazing hydrator even for dry chapped lips. It's a must have for flying. It's like a tall drink of water for your face

Epidermal Repair- This is another 5 star rated product. This is INCREDIBLE for sensitive skin, after cosmetic procedures such as microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, retinoid therapy and amazing for the harsh winter weather. If you ski this is a must have!


Obagi Medical is the leading speciality pharmaceutical company that creates prescription strength skin care products. The products are exclusive to physicians such as dermatologists and plastic surgeons and only available in medical spas. I am a member of the Obagi Inner Circle which is for skin care professionals. I would like to give you an insider look at the line.

I would first like to talk about the Obagi C Rx System. This is a prescription strength formula that contains 4 percent hydroquinone and 10 percent of L-ascorbic acid aka vitamin c. This is not like any over the counter formula promising results that it cant deliver. This system really works! It is also designed to enhance laser procedures which can really rid you of all your brown spots and uneven skin tone from years of sun damage. I don't know about you but I am guilty of tanning back in the day with oil without sun screen. I also went to the tanning beds before I started in the beauty industry and learned about the dangers. If you are seeing the damage from the sun, this product system is definitely for you. The great news it's even approved for sensitive skin like mine that can't handle more aggressive treatments. OK, let's talk stats for a 6 week physician-assessed clinical trial: 60 percent overall pigmentation improvement, 46 percent overall photadamage, 86 percent in skin texture/roughness and 30 percent improvement of fine lines and wrinkles. I'm not only excited about recommending this product line to my clients but I will be using it myself.

The next Obagi Line that I would like to talk about is the Clenziderm Acne System. This is one of the most amazing product lines I ever had the pleasure of learning about. As I have shared before, I am a former acne sufferer. When I was in my early 20's I suffered from chronic breakouts and tried almost every acne product line on the market including Proactive. In addition to all kinds of prescription medications from dermatologists. I ended up with nothing but redness, irritation, allergic reactions, dry flaky peeling skin which was almost worse than the acne itself. I eventually went on Accutane which caused all kinds of health problems. This system is the first acne system that I have ever seen that actually has two separate systems for actual skin types.
The system not only treats the acne but is specially designed to treat the needs of each specific skin type. The system also has a patented delivery system that uses a solubilized form of benzoyl peroxide that actually penetrates the root of the pore. The difference between Clenziderm and other systems is that instead of the benzoyl peroxide remaining on the surface of the skin because it penetrates the skin, which allows for less irritation and more healing.

This next system is as amazing as the Clenziderm! The Rosaclear System is for rosacea. This is another very hard to treat skin condition like acne. Clients often mistake it for acne and end up making it worse by using harsh products which aggravate rosacea even more. If you suffer from rosacea then this is th answer for sure. This amazing system not only has the prescription strenght medication to treat the rosace but it also has a gentle cleanser, and a anti-inflammatory hydrating complexion corrector and a SPF 30 sunscreen.