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Thursday, December 23, 2010


In my opinion it's all about lasers. Now with more and more advances in the skin care industry lasers can correct the mistakes of our teens and 20's and give us a new youthful look without having to go under the knife. Syneron has a variety of laser treatments that can erase the years away.

FotoFacial RF- this technology is different from other skin rejuvenation procedures in that is uses two types of energy. It utilizes both Intense Pulse Light of IPL and Radio Frequency. This allows the laser to treat brown spots, broken blood vessels, spider veins, sun damage, uneven skin tone and even treats rosacea. The Radio Frequency also stimulates collagen production helping to reduce fine lines and tighten pores giving the skin a smoother younger look.

ReFirme Skin Tightening- this is the latest FDA approved non-surgical procedure to actually tighten skin and soften lines and wrinkles. It's like a mini face-lift without the down-time. It uses Bipolar Radio Frequency and Infared Light which produces little discomfort and amazing results!

Syneron also has two Medical Physician administered lasers as well which I will have the pleasure of observing and learning about from the amazing team of doctors at Tranquil Escape Medical Spa.

Stay Tuned for the Matrix and the Triniti Laser Treatment

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