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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Now that you know what do about cellulite, unwanted hair and what the trends are for Summer it's time to talk about sunscreen. There has been a lot of buzz about "total sun block" and SPF as high as 100. The question is "What does all this mean?"

First of all, it's important to know the difference between sun block and sunscreen. A sunscreen absorbs ultraviolet light so that it doesn't reach your skin. A sun block physically blocks the sun with ingredients like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Both a sunscreen and a sun block protect your skin from the sun but neither block the sun's ray 100 percent. The next important thing to know about sunscreen is the SPF. The term SPF refers to the ability of the sunscreen to block UVB rays which causes sunburn but does not protect the skin form UVA rays. According to Florida dermatologist and American Academy of Dermatology spokesman James M. Spencer the truth about sunscreens higher than 45 is they are just silly. The truth is that a sunscreens with an SPF of 45 blocks about 98 percent of UVB rays and that a sunscreen higher than 45 is unnecessary. However, with skin cancer on the rise, especially among young people, it is important to wear sunscreen and to follow the ABC's of sun protection:

A is for Avoid the most dangerous hours of the day between 10 and 4
B is for Block by wearing hats, sunglasses and an SPF of 30 t0 45
C is for Cover which refers to the amount of sunblock that should be applied(about a shot glass size for adults)

The most common mistakes people make is not reapplying sunscreen and choosing a sunscreen that is high in dangerous chemicals. There are new studies that now show the danger of certain chemicals in sunscreens such as oxybenzone. The British Medical Journal recently showed that
there is a possible link between this chemical and malignant skin cancer.

So remember to protect yourself this summer. Choose the right SPF, reapply especially when swimming or playing sports and be sure to choose a chemical free sunscreen.

I highly recommend "The Healthy Sun Screen SPF 40" by Lavanila Laboratories. This is a excellent 100 percent natural and chemical free sunscreen for the face for only $28 www.Sephora.com

Stay tuned for " A Healthy Sunless Tan"

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