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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Microcurrent facials are one of the latest treatments for the face that does not involve surgery. A microcurrent facial sends electrical signals to facial muscles to help promote collagen production. A device is used to give the face a "mini workout". It helps to tone and tighten the skin over time. The potential benefits from microcurrent facials are:

* Tighter and more toned skin
* More sculpted look and improved facial contours
* More radiant skin
* Firming of loose skin
* Lifting and tightening of the eyebrows
* Reduction of neck lines and lifting of jawline

"The question is where to go and how much is it going to cost?" If you are in New York there is the one and only celebrity facial guru and that's Tracie Martyn. She has trademarked the "Resculpting Facial" which includes deep cleansing and exfoliation combined with the microcurrent facial workout. She has clients like Kate Winslet, Madonna, Sandra Bullock and Diane Von Furstenberg just to name a few. If you see Tracie herself( that is if you can get an appointment, she usually booked months in advance) it's $600 but if you see one of her estheticians it's $300. She is also known for the "Red Carpet" facial which combines the "Rescuplting Facial" with Amber LED light therapy. This form of light therapy is another one of the latest treatments used for skin rejuvenation without surgery. It is also an amazing treatment for acne or scars and red marks left behind by acne without any downtime. In addition to acne and fine lines and wrinkles here is a list of the rest of the things the LED light can do:

* Reduce pore size
* Increase the skin's moisture retention& elasticity
* Improve sin-damaged skin
* Balance uneven skintone
* Ligthten age spots
* Tighten sunken saggy cheeks
* Decrease puffiness around the eyes

For more information check out www.traciemartyn.com

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