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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Well, unless you are one of the Housewives of Beverly Hills then you have realized we are in a recession! I have decided that even though times are tough and money is tight I'm not going to let the recession break my spirit and I wont let it break the bank either. I have learned that I can still be fabulous and find a way to have my "girlie guilty pleasures." So I have decided to share with you my top 10 resources for staying "fabulous on a budget."

1. Gilt Groupe- this is an amazing invitation only website filled with amazing deals on designer clothes, shoes, bags and more for both men and women! This weeks steals are a Tracy Reese dress for only $129 regular $350 and a French Connection dress for only 59 regular $119 and a amazing pair of Leelo platform sandals for ?179 regular $300 www.Gilt.com

2. Bag Borrow or Steal-if you cant afford to own the Chanel purse why not borrow it instead?! This is the website that was featured in Sex In The City movie. They have more than just bags, they have accessories like sunglasses and jewelry and even watches. If you become a member for a $60 annual fee you can have access to designer bags like Dolce and Gabbana for as little as $60 for a week. If you have a special occasion you can order your bag and have it for the weekend and then keep it for the week. Now that's FABULOUS!!!!! www.BagBorrowSteal.com

3.Top Shop-Top Shop is the new H+M but WAAY better! They have amazing staple pieces that are designer inspired at reasonable prices and the quality is so much better than H+M. You can actually wash it and wear it again without it shrinking or changing colors or shape like H+M. Don't get me wrong H+M is still my go to for a night out at the club for a disposable item for $20, like the corset I wore for Halloween but I love Top Shop for everyday wardrobe building pieces! 478 Broom in Soho www.TopShop.com

4. Uniqlo- JEANS JEANS JEANS!!!! I'm living for Uniqlo jeans 2 for $49.00. They have every size, style and color you can imagine. It's almost overwhelming like going to one of those diners that has a 10 page menu and everything looks so yummy you don't know what to choose. If you are in NYC you have to go in person 546 Broadway in Soho or www.Uniqlo.com

5. The Budget Fashionista-this is another one of my favorite go to sites for coupons and deals, sample sales, shopping guides and more! This weeks feature is fall boots for under $100...hello! FABULOUS!!!! www.thebudgetfashionista.com

6. Beauty Steals- this is an amazing website for any makeup artist, makeup junkie, or any gal who just wants to save on her favorite lipstick! They have everything from A-Z when it comes to makeup brands! Just an example is an Yves Saint Laurent palette for $25 regularly priced at $65...now that is a steal! www.BeautySteals.com

7.Great Skin- this is like beauty steals but specifically for skin care products www.GreaSkin.com

8.Spa Deals- now if your looking to go to top rated spas for luxurious treatments and you cant afford the prices here is a list of amazing sites that offer daily deals and discounts


and these are just a few of many!

9.Restaurant.com-I still love eating out and it can still be expensive. This site offers $25 gift certificates for only $10 for over 15,000 places www.Restaurant.com

10. Well that you know how to have fabulous fashion, makeup, skin care, spa treatments and how to dine out last but not least how to go on a fabulous get away!

HauteLook-this site has incredible deals on hotels, vacations but also has deals on housewares, beauty and fashion as well
www. HauteLook.com



  1. Spectacular reccomendations. I love them all, especially Top Shop and Uniglo. I will deffinitely check out the websites you mentioned. Very well thought out and provides awesome imformation for those who live by fashion and know that you can make anything look super chic when you utilize your imagination and styling sense. It's how you pair certain items up. I always look for inexpensive seasonal trend items and then pair them with my classic, a bit pricey but never go out of style staples. That is where money should be spent. I agree with Jeremy, awesome writeup!