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Sunday, August 28, 2011


I would like to take the time to introduce you to a fellow artist by the name of Maria Ramagli. I have not only had the pleasure of having Maria as my client but as a friend and fellow artist. Maria is definitely a talent to be reckoned with. I admire her emphasis on darkness versus light. There is an ethereal yet provocative quality to her work. There is a precision and a flawlessness even when the look is smokey or smudged which I love! I admire and am inspired by her work. I'm most especially taken with her work with the New York photography genius Preston Cros. Together, Preston and Maria have created one of my favorite tribute pieces to the movie The Black Swan. This piece not only features Maria's makeup work but she is also the one of the subjects. The flawless application of makeup and the portrayal of the internal struggle between "darkness and light" with Preston's lighting is absolute brilliance!

After years as Makeup Artist, Resident Trainer and Manager at Mac Cosmetics Maria has taken her talent to whole new level debuting Maria Ramagli.com and Maria Ramagli Beauty.com Maria has worked with celebrities such as Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige just to name a few and has worked backstage at New York Fashion Week. I'm now looking forward to her latest role as key artist during Fashion Week for the POP UP POP ART FASHION EVENT SEPTEMBER 12, 2011! for fashion designer Hally McGehean who is the fashion industry's newest innovator whose designs are made of plastic and are created without thread! I look forward to this amazing collaboration. Congrats Maria! You are not a only a beautiful artist but a beautiful soul! Continue to spread your light!


www. PresonCros.com


"Art is Fashion, Fashion is Art!"

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