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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Ok boys! This is special edition just for you. I have put together my top ten favorite products for men.

#1 One of my favorite cleansers for male clients is Clean by ZIRH. This is great alpha hydroxy cleanser that works well to deep clean and exfoliate men's skin. It removes dirt and oil without drying the skin. It has a fresh citrus scent. It's also very reasonably priced at $20. My bff swears by it. I like to use it for shoots with male models so they can remove makeup at the end of the day.

#2 The second cleanser I love for men is for a man with more sensitive skin. Purifying Cleansing Gel by G.M. Collin is a soap free and alcohol free. It cleanses more gently than the ZIRH and is great to use before shaving. This cleanser is also reasonably priced at $23 www.GMCollin.com

#3 The most common issue I encounter with male clients is they don't want to look shiny. I have found a great product from Peter Thomas Roth that works great for men's skin to reduce pore size, absorbs excess oil and perspiration without drying out the skin. The Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel is another great bang for your buck at $35 and is available at Sephora.

#4 One of the most important ways to prevent aging is to make sure the skin is hydrated and moisturized. I find that a lot of men skip this step because of the concern about being shiny. The key is to use a moisturizer that is specifically designed for men. Women tend to need more moisture because they tend to have drier more delicate skin and smaller pores. Men by nature have larger pores and oilier skin especially on the face because of facial hair. I have found a great moisturizers that men love! The Oil Control Daily Hydrator by Lab Series is an oil-free option that hydrates without clogging pores. It's priced at $27 www.LabSeries.com

#5 Another huge concern for male clients is ingrown hairs and breakouts from shaving. A fellow skin male skin therapist swears by the Art of Shaving shaving system. The system combines a pre-shave oil, with a shave cream applied with a brush and an after shave balm. They have sets specifically for sensitive skin and ingrown hair as well as unscented and hypoallergenic products. The products can be a bit pricey but the best bet is to purchase a travel kit or starter kit which includes a razor Priced at $150 www.TheArtofShaving.com

#6 It doesn't matter if your a woman or a man every one's biggest concern is breakouts! Since men don't wear makeup it is very important to treat blemishes and heal them as quickly as possible. My favorite go to product for both men and women is Mario Badescu Drying Lotion for that occasional blemish that pops up right before that special date. It can dry out and heal up a whitehead over night. It's also a great bargain priced at $17 www.MarioBadescu.com

#7 The next concern men are having is fine lines and wrinkles. They are looking for a treatment that doesn't involve a procedure or any fancy step by step process. I found a great product with a botox like effect that works great around the eyes and on expression lines. This is professional product available from PCA Skin. The Exlinea Peptide Smoothing Serum is an amazing product that has ingredients that relax facial muscles and have an instant lifting effect. This product is available through skin care professionals like myself. Contact me for details ginanicora@ginanicora.com

#8 Since men don't wear lipstick or lip gloss it's important to still have nice lips. Hello who wants to kiss a guy with dry lips. I found a great cheap manly lip balm for $2.50 It's petroleum free with SPF 15. It's great for outdoor sports and has a minty fresh flavor. It's available at Eastern Mountain Sports www.EMS.com

#9 When men come to me for facials they also mention breakout on their back, chest and arms. It's not only important to use a good cleanser on the face but for the body too. Men sweat more than woman and especially when they are weight training testosterone levels are increased which can lead to breakouts on the body. I highly recommed using the Acne Body Wash by Murad during the summer and anytime "bacne" flares up. It's priced at $39.50

#10 My final product recommendation: hair car by American Crew. I LOVE the Molding Clay and the Pomade. The molding clay is great for short styles. It keeps hair in place without being too sticky or greasy. I've actually used it myself for a slick pulled back look. The pomade is great for taming curly hair without being crunchy. They also have a full line of shampoo and condtioners. They now even have a hair recovery system for men who are dealing with hair loss. Visit www. American Crew.com for the complete line!

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