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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Today I have had the privilege to work with the most amazing new product line at the exclusive preview of Vapour Organic Beauty at Henri Bendel. I have had the honor to become friends with one of the most talented product developers in the cosmetics market and had the opportunity to work with his latest product line. He has worked with the renowned  Kevyn Aucoin to create Kevyn Aucoin Beauty and served as Creative Director and President. He then went on to work with the brand founder Christina Carlino of Philosophy to create a color line for Philosophy.Now his latest triumph was launching this revolutionary brand of organic cosmetics. Vapour is made from food-grade Certified Organic ingredients and is free of all chemicals, parabens and FD+C color or dyes. Not only are the ingredients all organic but the packaging is recyclable. The organic ingredients in Vapour are not just to give it color and performance like other cosmetics the ingredients are actually beneficial for the skin. After all without flawless skin you can't have flawless makeup! The ingredients offer twice the amount of antioxidants than their leading counterparts. Vapour also contains EFAs ( also known as Esssential Fatty Acids) which are the best kind of fats for optimum health as well as pure vitamins and minerals.

Now that you have all the facts, the question is " With a million and one cosmetics out there, is there really a difference?" ABSOLUTELY!! As a self diagnosed product junkie I have tried almost every brand on the market as both a consumer and as a professional. The foundation and primer is like NOTHING I have ever experienced before. Not only does it  go on like silk but it covers flawlessly and seamlessly and looks like skin but only better. It feels weightless and is hydrating and soothing. It's like having a makeup and spa experience in one! It's organic formulation that does not include water means it doesn't even need to be set with powder as it almost magically sets itself. I'm on almost hour 12 and it hasn't moved and still looks and feels great which is a miracle because I have the world's most hypersensitive skin. The lip gloss: simply my new addiction! I must have put it on 100 times today; not because it doesn't stay on but because it is so luxurious and smells and tastes delicious. It's made from all-natural lemon balm, essential oils and fruit essence. My lips were so chapped from the weather change and now they are completely healed and moisturized. The blush and eye shadows go on like the foundation. The colors blend softly for an almost airbrushed effect. The best part is everything is in a twist tube so its easy, neat and compact. I also love that you don't even need brushes you can use your fingertips to blend everything! It really follows my philosophy as a makeup artist:  flawless glowing skin, soft colors, a beautiful/less is more, no makeup look that subtly enhances the beauty and camouflages the imperfections with ease! It's truly the fabulous 5 minute face! I give Vapour Organic Beauty 5 lipsticks(that's  5 stars in makeup artist lingo)

Visit www.VapourBeauty.com and check out Eric on www.ShopNBCTV.com to check out a live presentation October 27th!!


  1. Gina, It was wonderful meeting you at Bendels. VapourBeauty is amazing. What you said is so true. Not only does it look excellent on the skin, but it is good for the skin. I look forward to keeping in touch with you.


  2. Hey Gina, It was great meeting you at IDI. I know what you mean about being a product junky! There are so many distractions out there. ;)