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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Lasers are becoming more advanced by the minute! They are the wave of the future for anyone who wants to turn back the hands of time without the cost, dangers and downtime of plastic surgery and they can also treat a multitude of skin concerns that are not part of the aging process. I have been consulting with one of the best laser companies on the market and the verdict is in: the GentleMax Nd-Yag/Alexandrite by Candela can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, rejuvenate sun damaged skin and actually remove sun spots and age spots. In addition it also removes hair on all skin types including dark and tanned skin. It doesn't stop there. It also can remove birthmarks, facial lesions, leg veins, warts as well as melasma, also known as the pregnancy mask. It is the fastest and most powerful laser on the market and is able to perform treatments in less time and is unmatched in its hair removable capabilities.

I'm looking forward to training with this laser company and working with this laser. Stay tuned for where, when and how much to get the best laser treatments on the market!

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