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Sunday, September 27, 2009


The truth about most over the counter "Fountain of Youth" creams is they just can't produce the  same results as a medical grade product. Most products you can purchase at a department store counter or at your local Duane Reade don't have a high enough concentration of the the ingredients that can actually give the results they claim. The FDA requires that all cosmetic and skin care products list all of their ingredients in order from the highest to lowest in concentration. Most of the ingredients that are actually active in the product are in the  first five ingredients and the ingredients they boast about being the "wrinkle cure" are at the bottom of the ingredient list.  The most effective ingredients that can actually treat the  skin discoloration caused by sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles and even deeper wrinkles known as fissures which come with age are AHA, BHA  and TCA acids.  The AHAs are known as alphahydroxy acids  which include glycolic and lactic acids. These acids help unclog pores, help with deep exfoliation and cell renewal as well as hydrate the skin, promote collagen production and improve tone and texture. The BHAs are known as betahydroxy acids,  also known as salicylic acid which are much gentler than glycolic acids and are excellent for people with sensitive skin and acne who are looking for the same results as glycolic acids but are more sensitive to their  effects. The TCAs are known as trichloracetic acid which is a more  which can be used as a deeper peel and are particulary good for darker skins and skins with more damage and need more intensive results. In order to actually penetrate the deeper layer of the skin know as the dermis,  where collagen and elastin production happens, the concentration of these acids needs to be high enough. In addition to over the counter products not having high enough concentrations of the active ingredients the products have lots of other filler ingredients which can actually irritate and dry the skin when used on a regular basis. The other downside is that most products are pricey and use a marketing trick known as "puffery"which is packaging products in a larger package but the actual amount of product is not as large as the package. 

The question is " So how can I get optimum results without spending so much money?" The best way to get results is to get a medical grade peel done by a licensed professional several times a year at a reasonable price for optimum results. As well as follow up with a treatment program at home that is specifically designed for your skin.

I recommend PCA Professional Skin. They have been in business for over 20 years. They were the first cosmeceutical company to provide professional treatments to medical and clinical aestheticians. The founder of PCA Skin, Margaret Ancira, helped create professional formulas only available to doctors and licensed skin care  professionals. The chief scientist, Jennifer Linder M.D., is also a Dermatologist and Skin Cancer Surgeon. 

The peels are  medical grade but are gentle enough to address acne, psoriasis ,hyperpigmentation, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles without irritation. They also offer follow up skin care products to enhance the results of the peels at home. All of PCA's products are fragrance,  color , alcohol and oil free as well as free of any harsh ingredients that can sensitize the skin. The PCA peels can only be administered by a licensed  PCA Certified professional. The PCA at home products are also only available through physicians and licensed professionals and are not available at the retail level.

I'm very excited about becoming trained and certified with this company in November. Check back for information on peels, skin treatments and packages I will be offering soon!! Stay tuned for "HOW TO READ PRODUCT LABELS. " COMING SOON!!

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