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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dear Diary, "How do I get that flawless makeup look?"

Flawless makeup starts with flawless skin. In order to get that smooth luminous glowing makeup look you need to start with a good canvas. Beautiful skins starts from the inside so you want to start by making sure you are getting the right nutrients. Beauty Scoop is the latest development in skin care supplements. Beauty Scoop is a beauty cocktail created by a renowned New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Michelle Yagoda. This formula contains peptides and lipids that are key for optimum skin health. Beauty Scoop has been featured in In Style, Bazaar and New Beauty Magazine. I love it! I've seen a major difference in my skin in just a month! If you order a 3 months supply you receive a free gift with purchase and free shipping. Go to www.beautyscoop.com.
Another key to a good canvas is clear skin. I have suffered from sensitive acne prone skin all my life and when I was in my 20's I literally must have tried every product on the market to no avail. I eventually gave in and went on Accutane which did clear up my skin but gave me awful side effects such as migraine headaches, depression, fatigue and super dry lips. Now that I'm in my 30's, I started dealing with hormonal changes and started experiencing breakouts again, nothing like in my 20's but still enough to want to find a solution that would work without all the side effects. I found an amazing product for $ 9.90 (yes under $10 dollars!!) It is a natural vitamin spray made from vitamin B3 and pure aloe vera. I know, it sounds crazy but it works like a charm and  has no side effects. You can order it online at www.naturallyclear.com. This is a "must have!" 

The next step for a good canvas is smooth and hydrated skin. If your skin is dull, dry and flaky, foundation will not go on smooth or look luminous. The key is to exfoliate gently but thoroughly and make sure your skin is hydrated. My favorite exfoliant is from Dermalogica. The  Daily Microfoliant is gentle enough to use everyday. It is made from a rice based enzyme powder and also contains salicylic acid as well as green tea, ginkgo and colloidal oatmeal to help calm skin so it's great for sensitive skin and all skin types.  My other life saver is also by Dermalogica which is the Skin Hydrating Masque. This mask is an amazing treatment to use before a big night out before putting on makeup or whenever you need a boost. It is also for all skin types and restores suppleness to the skin, calms redness and inflammation and contains anti-oxidant vitamins C and E. You can go to www.dermalogica.com to find a location near you.

Now that you have some of my "must have" skin care treatments stay tuned for " The Flawless Makeup Look Part II" for the step by step flawless face complete with my favorite makeup products, tips and tricks.


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