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Monday, August 9, 2010


I'm always looking for a way to create glowing, natural looking flawless skin. This week I tried some products from DEX New York. I'm a big fan of an illuminator pen. I like to use it to highlight the key points of the face and to camouflage under eye shadows. I have been loyal to the Touch Eclat pen from YSL forever but lately I have found them to be drying out faster then they used to and the pale shade seems a bit chalky. So, I have been trying new options to replace my old stand by. I have to say the Mineral Illuminator by Dex is fabulous. It goes on smooth and highlights flawlessly and also works great as a light concealer. It comes in 4 shades like Touch Eclat but unlike the YSL option it is infused with a mineral complex and is a bargain priced at $28 instead of $42. Now I can buy 2 of each for a little more than the price of only 4 from YSL. I also fell in love with Mineral Glow. I'm usually not a fan of mineral products. I find them to be heavy, caky or too powdery. The Mineral Glow is amazing. I used it as an all over primer for the skin and mixed it with several of my liquid foundations. It gives the skin a nice glowing finish without being to sparkly. Dex calls it "liquid light". He is right!

I have also been looking for cosmetic products that not only do the trick but are good for the skin. This contains a mineral complex packed with anti-oxidant vitamins like A and E. I'm excited to try some of Dex's mineral foundations. Stay tuned for my next makeup adventure!

For more information check out www.dexnewyork.com

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