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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The best kept skin secret in NYC is Skin Laser Studios. Skin Laser Studios is a skin clinic located in the heart of Chelsea. Skin Laser Solutions is owned by Marta Rodriguez who has has specialized in permanent hair removal and the treatment of acne for over 30 years. She has perfected a facial known as the "Perfect Skin Facial." This facial is like no other facial you have ever had. You not only leave looking amazing but the results are cumulative over a period of time. She combines state of the art equipment with organic products to achieve results in one hour that would take months to achieve with expensive products or prescriptions from a dermatologist. This facial is amazing for all skin types from severe acne suffers to sun damaged skin to even the most sensitive dry skin like mine. This facial addresses all kinds of skin concerns without any down time. The smooth beam laser which is anti-inflammatory and stimulates collagen production, is amazing for fine lines as well as for healing cystic acne and calming redness from extractions and micro-dermabrasion. The smooth beam is the only laser that can actually heal acne without all the usual side effects from harsh acne treatments. Most acne treatments such as Retin-A, Benzoyl Peroxide make the skin dry, flaky, irritated and cause the acne to get worse before it gets better. The " Perfect Skin Facial" is able to address acne by gentle thorough exfoliation with micro-dermabrasion, extractions, a special peel and the smooth beam laser without the harsh side effects. I highly recommend this facial for anyone even considering Accutane. I was prescribed Accutane for my chronic breakouts and it caused migraine headaches, depression, severe dry lips and I had to go for monthly blood tests. It cost thousands of dollars only for the breakouts to come back after being off the drug for a period of time.I'm proud to say that now I'm not only an employee but have been a client for 10 years. I'm pushing 40 myself and I look younger now than I did in my twenties. When I first discovered Skin Laser Studios I was still smoking cigarettes and laying on the beach in Miami. I was starting to get fine lines around my eyes and mouth. My skin's texture was dry, rough and flaky and I was still experiencing hormonal breakouts ,blackheads and larger more noticeable pores in my t-zone. Not to mention, I have the world's most sensitive skin. I had spent money on all kinds of products as well as trips to the dermatologists and all kinds of makeup to cover up my skin problems. Now, my skin is smooth, soft, pore less and I don't suffer from breakouts anymore. Not to mention I have no wrinkles! I use very minimal makeup and a simple gentle cleanser.I'm excited to share my secret to the fountain of youth with you and to have the privilege to train and work with the best skin therapist in the business. I'm also excited to remove my broken capillaries that have popped up recently. These as well as brown spots from sun damage can be removed with laser treatments available at Skin Laser Studios.

Skin Laser Studios is also your best option for permanent hair removal. Marta has the best lasers available for hair removal. She even can treat people of color with the darkest skin tones. She is also an expert in electrolysis which is the best way to treat hair that may not respond to the laser like some areas of the face or certain areas for men as well as people with blonde or red hair.

In addition to expert skin care and hair removal services the location is quiet, relaxing and very discreet with excellent personal attention. It is unlike large spas where there is a different esthetician every time you have an appointment or you are treated like a number rather than a person. Marta has clients that have been loyal for years. At Skin Laser Studios you are not just a client but a friend.

Contact me for information about new client gift certificates. The "Perfect Skin Facial" is regularly priced at $250 but I'm offering a new client promotion of $150 and also $100 off laser treatments. Goto www.skinlaserstudios.com for appointments and location and more information.

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